Archive: India 2005 to 2007
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September 2007

In which I go to Greece and I don't write anything.

August 2007

In which I describe a July work trip to Ladakh.

Photos included: Naro Photang temple, migrant labourers; Audio slide show: Drum dance

July 2007

In which I visit costume shops in Old Delhi.

Photos included: rooftop mosque

June 2007

In which I look at some drains and meet a priest who tends a temple near the river

Photos included: Najafgarh drain, Yamuna ghats; Video: On the river

May 2007

In which I take a boatride upon the Yamuna river and complain about Aeroflot's thieving ways.

Photos included: Boatman (includes audio in Hindi)

April 2007

In which I spend a long time at the Moscow airport.

Photos included: A bottle of vodka shaped like a Kalashnikov.

March 2007

In which I attend some godawful rock awards.

Photos included: Rock band

February 2007

In which I hang out with puppeteers and wonder at my popularity with men at the Kumbh Mela.

Photos included: Puppet neighborhoods, holy (?) men.

January 2007

In which I attend the first meeting of an informal bank savings scheme.

Photos included: Mundka plastic recycling market.

December 2006

In which I describe a lovely trip to the Andamans and visit embroidery workers in Old Delhi with a friend.

Photos included: Zari work.

November 2006

In which I write one entry making excuses for not writing and promising (insincerely) to write more.

Photos included: Paranthas.

October 2006

Nonexistent page as wrote even less, i.e. not at all, since was house moving.

September 2006

In which I write very little because I am house hunting.

August 2006

In which I am robbed in a Hare Krishna temple on Krishna's birthday.

Photos included: Hare Krishna temple.

July 2006

In which I return from America and see a peacock spread its tail in our garden.

Photos included: Shiva devotees, peacock.

June 2006

In which I return to America and admire the sky.

Photos included: Sky, chicken bone; Illustration: man picking his nose.

May 2006

In which I return from a second work trip to Nepal, where I arrived just as the king decided to restore parliament, and visit Hong Kong.

Photos included: Hong Kong race course and power plant beach; Video: pollution in Kathmandu.

April 2006

In which I visit slums that are being demolished to make Delhi a "world class" city and stumble upon a soft-porn movie house in Connaught Place.

Photos included: Nangla Machi, movie posters.

March 2006

In which I have a minor car accident and try to pursue someone for the damages.

Photos included: none.

February 2006

In which I visit Kathmandu, go to Go Go bar and remember a craft shop I visited in Kochi.

Photos included: Nepali men, Kochi "handicraft"; Video: Groom's procession to my friend's wedding.

January 2006

In which I think about what I'd like to do this year and visit Hyderabad.

Photos included: Bangle shop; Video: Hyderabad by day and night.

December 2005

In which I worry about benefiting from child labor, watch Miss Universe and visit Bhopal.

Photos included: Tajul Masjid, Azadpur vegetable market, Santa Claus; Sketches: being waxed.

November 2005

In which I reflect on being a journalist in India, feel homesick and get invited to a few parties.

Photos included: my dog, the Golden Dragon sign; Sketches: my surrogate grandmothers.

October 2005

In which I attend many fashion shows, briefly befriend Mr. India and visit a large temple on the shore of one of India's most polluted rivers.

Photos included: models, Mr. India, Akshardham temple.

September 2005

In which I attend an opera, eat at McDonald's and begin driving in Delhi.

Photos included: Government buildings and my red car.

August 5 - August 31, 2005

In which I find myself in the lap of luxury and ponder upon my karmic balance sheet.

Photos included: Erratic power lines.

July 29 - August 4, 2005

In which I tire of traveling, pay a fine, am invited to a party by 55 British sailors in Kochi, return joyfully to Madras and long for the delights of Delhi, such as they are.

Photos included: none.

July 22 - 28, 2005

In which I am enamored of Madras/Chennai, become friends with a nice baby, do some sightseeing, feel disappointed by Pondicherry and think about the caste system and my own role in perpetuating its discriminations.

Photos included: Madras airport, Santhome Cathedral, coffin shop sign and others.

July 15 - 21, 2005

In which I have a relapse, wonder if I should throw away my guidebook, try to think of some things I like about Delhi, reflect on the servant situation and escape to the South.

Photos included: My guidebook, a Gymkhana Club menu, a rava dosa and others.

July 8-14, 2005

In which I risk life and limb being chauffered around Delhi, receive some low-wage job offers, encounter gigantic cockroaches and other creatures and ponder India's contribution to spiritual thinking.

Photos included: The view from inside an Ambassador car, the driver's seatbelt and others.

July 1-7, 2005

In which I lie in bed racked with a fever, take many pills, visit an Indian television news office, try to explain to my great-aunt why I am still not married and lament my atrophying muscles.

Photos included: My first-aid kit, my great-aunt, a Delhi road and others.