November 2006
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How to make a stuffed parantha in five easy steps (courtesy a dhabawala on the way to Kapurthala). Click on a picture to enlarge.

Back to writing (Sunday, November 12)

How to explain the fact that despite having a place of my very own for two months now and a good Internet connection I have not updated this site at all? Well, let me see. I thought a lot about writing but I didn't actually get around to it. Partly this was because of a lot of daydreaming, a fair amount of beer drinking with the new neighbors who are a departure from the artsy writer crowd I have consorted with up till now and some more time spent trying to figure out the house-cleaning and maid situation.

I spend an awful lot of time hanging around answering the doorbell for the man who takes the rubbish, the man who delivers the newspapers, the man who buys the old newspapers, the boy who delivers the water, the man who cleans the car and the maid. Yes I know, poor little me, complaining about the help. But that's what happens when you start running your own establishment in a people-based economy. Still I think I am fairly well set up after a somewhat rocky start, which you can read about here.

I did some fun things too, like visit Punjab (where no one can give directions, more on that later), in particular the formerly royal cities of Patiala and Kapurthala, where the parantha pictures were taken. Anyway, I am now pledging to write on a less sporadic basis, even it is just a little. I do wish I had been a bit better about taking pictures and writing when I was house-hunting, especially of the broker called Gyan and some of the dreadful places he showed me. Oh well. Maybe I'll do a mock house-hunting experience to try and document the experience. Actually that sounds very tiring.